moli's Raft mods

New game+


Unlocks all blueprints. Game world needs to be reloaded after mod load.

No regeneration


Disables automatic health regeneration.

Hasty package opener


Opens decoration packages in an instant, for the impatient.

Nobody can join


Forces New Game/Load Game join auth dropdown value to Nobody Can Join. Unload mod if you want to select an other option.

Wide FOV


Widens accepted player camera FOV values from 10 to 160 degrees in the graphics settings menu.

Armored advanced net


Advanced nets gets automatically armored on placement for free.

Cheaper advanced net


Advanced collection net costs only 1 titanium ingot instead of 4.

Bigger biofuel tanks


Biofuel tanks have 10 times more capacity.

Speedy demolition


Axes destroy blocks very fast.

More loot


Previously known as Less Grind mod. Multiply amount of specific items when added to player inventory. Less grind, less survival, more like an Adventure game mode. Default multiplier is 10. If you want to change it, you must install the Extra Settings API mod and use the Mods tab in the Settings.

Return armor from foundation


Gives back the cost of foundation reinforcment armor into the player inventory.

Timelimitless computer puzzle


Removes the time limit at the computer puzzle in [redacted]. Timer will not tick down, but the [redacted] will still consume.

Torqueful engines


Engines have 10 times more torque, they can move 10x more foundations.

Respawn in hard mode


Allow surrender and respawn in hardcore game difficulty, but you will lose your player inventory.

Honeycomb refiners


Biofuel refiners accept honeycombs with a value of 1 (honey jars are 5).

Faster electric smelter


Electric smelters are 25% faster. Game world needs to be reloaded after mod load.

Fast animal looting


Looting animal enemies happens in an instant.

Clueless seagulls


Seagulls do not fly away when the player gets close.

More treasure


Triples number of landmark treasure points: small islands have 3, big islands have 9, Balboa has 18. After you load the mod, you need to exit and reload your game world the activate the change! And the changes are gonna be active until you unload the mod AND quit your game world.

Free vending machines


Everything is free from the vending machines. Makes the game think you always have enough vending machine tokens when you buy, and sets price to 0 at the time of removing your tokens, so you keep all of yours and get the item free.



Bows and net launchers have laser speed and precision. It's kinda stupid.

Receiver auto-off


Battery saving for receivers with 1 minute timeout. Do you always find yourself leaving your receivers powered on? Are you tired of keep crafting new batteries for them? This mod automatically powers off your receivers 1 minute after your last navigation action. Navigation actions are: fiddling with the receiver, changing antenna connections, opening or closing sails, using paddle, dropping or weighing anchors, changing engine power or direction.

Rare loot


Random items drop in equal amount, all have the same chance, including animal skins. Fishing, treasure hunting, etc gives rarer items more frequently as they now have the same 1-to-1 chance to all other loot like planks, plastics, etc. Decoration packages have 100% chance to drop. Domestic animals also affected. Metal fishing rod is not affected by the mod, so if you want fish from fishing, use that! Random loots have a pool of items with chances attached to them. This mod changes all to equal value. Also some pools have an empty item (like: nothing) with a, for example, 90% chance, this mod sets the chance of all empty items to 0% in every pool. Like in case of recipes, the game uses about 75% chance to give you nothing. This mod makes that 0%, so you will always get a recipe from that pool. Domestic animal skins also use a pool, they are set to 33%-33%-33%. Decoration packages normally have a 40% chance to get in a loot box, this mod makes it 100%.

No hunger


No more hunger, no more thirst. Hunger and thirst player stats does not decrease. Of course if you were already hungry before loading the mod, you still need to eat to fill up your bar.

Free building and crafting


Build, paint and craft without requiring or using up resources/materials. Makes the game not checking if you have got enough resources in your inventory, so the building block will always be green and placeable, the *Craft* button will always be green and pressable, the paint menu will always be accessible. Doing these does not remove items from inventory, so you will get it free.

Developer console larger scrollback


Changes output history size in the developer console from 101 to 32767 lines.

Fast fishing


Fish bite immediately and escape ten times slower. You dont have to wait for seconds for every catch, and you have about half a minute to reel fish in. Because the game does not need you to cast far away and you can just drop your bait under your feet even on the second floor inside your raft, this mod makes it possible to spam fishing.