: bash script for rrdtool database creating, updating, graphing and a nodejs httpd for display

feedproxy : it's like a personal Google Reader server

A backend to aggregate many rss or atom news feeds into one, your own feed.
Supports Amazon Kindle, can send the referred article contents with images automatically as a book via Kindle-It.

my snippets

query imdb searches to make a feed of the newest movies you are interested in and then get notified of new rarbg torrent uploads

fetches Metacritic scores of best ranked games for a given platform and makes an atom feed

my rss news feeds

F-Droid new apps only

alternative feed to get notified of every new foss project without getting notified of every release version

BKK Info web push értesítés

budapesti tömegközlekedési forgalmi változások, lezárások, elterelések webes push értesítésben a böngésződbe, bármilyen mobil app telepítése nélkül